This comic took way too long, and I’m embarrassed by that.

First, I bought Manga Studio 5 and it’s been a learning process with this strip. It’s got some great features, such as very open & flexible vector graphic drawing, virtual rulers, and comic panel management. It is missing (or I have yet to find) some features from Photoshop, such as rotating text, advanced text options, and wide option of brushes that you can import.

The other reason for the delay is horrible time management with what little free time I have, and for that I hate myself a little more today.

Now that it’s finally done, I look at it and realize its more cute than funny, because I broke one golden rule — never draw a strip without having the ending in your mind.  I wanted to introduce the Godferal and wrote out the three first panels in my head almost immediately. I didn’t have a punchline at the end whatsoever, and one never really came to me. I’ve been fiddling with this comic for so long, that I’m tired of looking at it, which made coming up with the ending a fruitless en devour.  Someone else told me I should just stop working on it and move on…which may have been a good idea, but I would then be upset at myself for never finishing something I invested so much time in!

Live and Learn.

And anyway, here’s the introduction to the Godferal.