I has some health issues years ago, and the doctor had very good hunch it was Crohn’s disease.  The easiest way to be very sure was to perform a colonoscopy, and I was in one of those states where they give light anesthesia  so that I’m awake enough to assist them in the procedure — but a little loopy like I had a few drinks. For those that don’t know, a colonoscopy is where they stick a long tube with a camera up your behind to see what the backside of your tonsils look like.

One of the side effects of the anesthesia is a little bit of amnesia the next day, and I didn’t remember much… except that I did try to make shadow puppets with the light I thought would be coming out of my mouth. I posted the picture to Reddit/r/comics, and I got many replies I got from other people that had the same procedure. The surprising part is pieces of my memory started coming back to me as I read the replies, and can not believe I forgot other little things like the farting room (where I kept saying out loud I’m pulling my own finger). When I figure out my new drawing style, I plan to redraw this into a strip and expand on that day.